The Video Game is the first Season 10 episode. Gumball and Darwin get addicted to a Super Mario Bros related game, so Nicole and Richard try to get them off.

Episode SummaryEdit

It starts out at the Watterson household. Darwin tells Gumball to open up a package. Out comes an awesome video game, Mushroom Stompers. Gumball inserts the game into the console and they start to play. At night, Gumball and Darwin are tired and are still playing the game. Richard notices. He convinces them to go to bed. He threatens them by bringing up the summer of '83. Gumball and Darwin rush to bed. The next morning, the boys wake up early to play their game. Nicole comes and tells them they're offically addicted to the game. Gumball asks what addicted means. Nicole explains. Gumball doesn't care and continues to play. Richard comes and unplugs the console. Darwin complained that Luigi was about to get a high score. Nicole tells Darwin that this game thing is going too far. Darwin thinks he's right. Gumball just plugs the game back in and plays. He says he's fine doing 1-player mode and thinks Darwin is a traitor. Darwin wishes Tobiyas was still his friend sometimes. At night, Nicole comes to Gumball's bedroom and talks to Gumball. After Nicole makes puppy eyes, and Gumball is reminded of them, he offically agrees to not play it all day, but to play it on occasion. Nicole and Gumball hug. The next morning, when nobody was up, Richard sneaks downstairs to play the video game.




  • Gumball: "Augh! Mom, you too?"


  • The puppy eyes are brought back up.("The Quest")
  • Richard mentions the summer of '83 ("The Laziest")