Summary: Gumball And Darwin Go About Their Morning, Only To Discover That They Have Swapped Bodies.

They Have To Try To Switch Back. they Go Through Many Obstacles.

Rooster: Cock-A-doodle-do!

(Darwin Wakes Up) (In Gumballs Body)

Darwin: (Yawn) (gets up to brush teeth)

(Gumball Wakes Up As Well)

Gumball: What The... (Struggling)

(Breaks Darwins Bowl)

Gumball: (Confused) goes to brush teeth with darwin

(brushes teeth with Darwin)

(Both Exit Bathroom)

(Then Both Notice Something)

Darwin And Gumball: Wait...I'm You And Youre Me (starts to scream)

Darwin And Gumball: What The-

Darwin: Ok, Ok Lets Calm Dow-(Voice Starts To Get Louder) I Have A Tail!

(Anais Barges In)

Anais: Gumball, Darwin, I Can Barley Get My Last 5 Minutes Of Sleep. And It Woke Up Daisy.

Anais: Can You Please Keep It Down?

Gumball: Anais, Me And Darwin Swapped Bodies, Can You Please Help Us.

Anais: Hmm... All I Can Think About.. I Know! knock Both Of Yourselves Out At The Same Time!

Darwin: Actully, We Can't, It's Monday.

Gumball: Monday! We Have To Get Ready For School!

(1 Scene Of School Prepardness Later)

(After Breakfast)

Gumball: So, Darwin, Since Your In My Body, I Need You To Do Something.

Darwin: What?

Gumball: We Need To Act Like Normal. But, May You Do Me A Solid?

Darwin: Sure. what Is It?

Gumball: I Need You To, If You Know How Make Penny Attracted To Me, Please Do It.

Darwin: Of Course

Gumball: Lets Walk To School. I Mean, We Are Early.

Darwin: Yes, And Usually No Ones Out At This Time.

Gumball: It's 6:55, And Just A Block Away From School

(5 min Later)

Darwin: we are here.

Gumball: hold on... I see someone in the distance. White and floating.

Darwin: It's Carrie.

Carrie: Hi Gumball, Hi Darwin(floats away into school door)

Gumball: Don't You Think carries acting a Little Unusual today?

(walking inside)

Darwin: I'm not noticing anything...

Gumball: Never mind, let's just go on to class.

Darwin: OKEY!

(from this point anyone may edit the story)

(by the way Carrie swapped their body's)