Gumball decides to go to a sleepover




Banana Joe



Other boys


& Nicole


-Elmore High-

Gumball : *walking downstairs *That was the wrost lunch ever !

Darwin : Your lucky tommorow 's Saturday

Tobis : *sees Gumball & Darwin * Hey Guys

Gumball : What do u want

Tobis :Just wanted to know if u wanted to come to my sleepover tonght?

Gumball :U have a sleepover

Tobis : Yup

Gumball : Um * whispers to Darwin * should I go

Darwin *whispers to Gumball *No dude we should thorw a sleepover

Gum : *to tobis * No ill thorw a better party

Tobis: Fine let's make a bet the loser has to embrass themsleves in front of Penny Deal ?

Gum : Deal *shakes hands with tobis

-home kitchen table-

Gumball :Mom can we thorw a sleepover

Nicole :Why ?

Darwin :So we can prove Tobis wrong

Niole : Fine but u guys have to bed by 2AM

Gum & Darwin :Yes

Gum;We should start passing invitions . It's already 4

Darwin : Fine ,lets go *leves with Gum*

-srceen says 6 :00PM-

Gum; Okay guys welcome to Gumball Sleepover

Darwin ; Uh dude nobody 's here

Gum: Great I wonder how Tobis' sleepover is going

-Tobis' house -

Anton ; Tobis this is the best sleepover ever theres every game in the world,a chcoalte waterfall, and a bulter.

Tobis ; Yup I wonder how gumball's sleepover is going

-back at gums house-

Gum;Wat should we do Tobis is winning

Darwin *creepy smile* We should crash the sleepover !

Gum :Great idea!

-Tobis' house -

Banana Joe : Dude this party is awesome right guys

Other boys :Right

Gum *outside tobis' house* Were here so how do we break in?

Darwin :We smash the door down

Gum:Fine *tries break door 3 times but fails*

Darwin: Here let me try *smashes door down *

Boys *gasps*

Tobis :Gumball wat r u doing ?

Gum : Crashing the party

Tobis:U cant do that

Gum :Yeah u can ;

Tobis: U know wat ill tell that u crash parties

Gum:No ill tell her that u make bets over girls

Tobis :Fine lets see who gets threre first*both ran out *

Gum: I'll get there first *jumps*over car *

Tobis : No i wll *jums over car *

Gum :No everyone nows that I'm faster than u *flips over fence *Ha i got there *rings doorbell

Penny: *opens door * Hi Gumball

Gum :Penny,tobis makes bets over girls

Penny;Wat really

Tobis :but he crashed my party

penny:I dont care im not gonna go out with u

Gum:Would u go out with me

Penny:Sure tommorw night @7

Darwin: *comes* come Gumball mom said that people r coming

Gum *walks with him*

Darwin; So who won ?

Gumball;I did

Darwin :Thats great thats great

-episode ends-