This is the last episode of the amazing world of gumball season 1. It is 30 minutes long. It has seven evil exes like scott pilgrim and has a Romeo and Juliet thing by Gumball's mom not letting Usu to date her son.


One day, while dating Usu, he got caught by his mom doing french kisses with Usu. Then his mom chases Usu out of the house. Then 5 minutes later, he asked if they could date secretlly at the park at night. She said yes. When they get to the park, Usu tells him if the dating can only work it he defeats her seven evil exes. He says ok. Then the next day, all seven exes are in his room. Then she said he has to defeat them by beating them at seven different chalenges. First he has to beat her first exe, Dan, at a race. Then he has to beat Ninja dude at a karate contest. Then he has to beat Big dude at an eating contest. Then many others. When hes finally done and the evil exes leave, Usu and Gumball french kiss. Then Gumball says he will not do anymore things like that. Usu says ok. Then they french kiss again.