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The Cookie is the first episode of Season 6. It aired alongside The Revenge.

Episode Summary

Darwin eats a possessed cookie in the Forest of Doom(He went there to search for his Fish Flakes). the cookie makes him wreck havok, so Gumball, Anias and Nicole go into Darwin's brainworld and fight Gomusdik(The sprit that possesd the cookie) in a 3-on-1 Super Smash Bros.-like fight. The family sweeps out(except for Gumball, who beats Gomusdik in an Urban Champion-like fight.) The episode ends with the entire family out of Darwin(Who is now free from Gomusdik's control) and fighting Gomusdik's statue form, Gomus. Gomus is then dead and dissapears in a cloud of smoke.


Alien UFO Song


"Hahahahahahhah!! gluehaughahahoe!! mmm.. Cookie-licious."-Gomusdik,The Cookie


  • The Forest of Doom from The Picnic (Real episode) makes a comeback.
  • When Gumballis fighting Gomusdik in the Urban Champion-like fight, Gumball's left eye and nose dissapear for a few frames.