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The Comedian is a fan episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball tries to make a cooking show, but messes up and becomes a comedian in the process.


The Wattersons complain that there aren't new TV shows, but Gumball gets an idea and tries to make a cooking show. He tries to make a pie, but doesn't know how. After a few tries, he succeeds, but a taste test results in burning his tongue, making him scream in agony. He then runs to the sink but inadvertently picks the hot tap, making him scream again. He then slips on the chair that he used to reach the sink and burns his face in the hot water, Gumball screaming yet again. He then announces that the episode is over. Gumball angrily states that he's through with making cooking shows, but hears the sound of laughing. The Wattersons are laughing at Gumball's failure. Gumball asks them what's so funny. The Wattersons look at him, then burst out in laughter, saying that he is a comedian. Gumball grits his teeth and storms out of the room. At school, everyone laughs at him because of the accident he made when trying to make the cooking show. Having enough, Gumball runs away, but changes his mind when he remembers his previous misadventures with his friends. He then screams that he is coming back, but his screaming causes an avalanche. Meanwhile, the Wattersons are worried about Gumball and plan on apologizing. But they realize that Gumball is not in the house. Extremely worried, the Wattersons search outside and hear Gumball's screaming. They are horrified to see him hanging onto a branch on a tree while the avalanche continues. The Wattersons race to save him, but are seemingly too late as the avalanche destroys the tree and Gumball falls in the avalanche. The Wattersons rush to his safety, but are saddened when Gumball doesn't respond to their stressed cries and the start crying. But Gumball mutters "I'm dead. I'm deadI'mdeadI'mdeadI'mdeadI'mdead, I died, I'm dead.". The Wattersons are overjoyed and head home. Gumball tries to make the cooking show again, but fails just like last time and the Wattersons laugh. But Gumball claims he isn't humiliated and says it's alright to laugh at mistakes and laughs along with the Wattersons.