The Babysitter is an episode based off a true story that Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Mr. Watterson are
babysitted by Penny while Mrs. Watterson goes away on a business trip.






Mr. Watterson

Mrs. Watterson


-Mrs. Watterson on phone- "Yeah... okay... what?!?! Oh. Sorry... Okay then; tomorrow at nine. Bye."

Mrs. Watterson: Dinner Time!

-everyone sits at table-

Mrs. Watterson: Okay then: I wanted to tell you that tomorrow morning a sitter will watch you for the weekend.

Gumball: -spits out pizza- WHAT?!?!

Mr. watterson: But WHY?!?!

Mrs. Watterson: Because last time you flooded the house, and Richard, you just shouldn't be bothered by the task.

Mr. Watterson: Oh. Sounds good with me! -eats food-

Darwin: Who's this babysitter like?

Mrs. Watterson: Well, she's sweet, kind, and cute; you'll like her!

Darwin: Oh. -eats happily-

Anais: Mom, really, you're going to hire a babysitter for the first time without us meeting her first?

Mrs. Watterson: You know her, I think her name is Penny.

Gumball: WHAT?!?! Penny's coming over to babysit us?!?!

Mrs. Watterson: Yes, honey.

Gumball: Ohh.... I think I've lost my appetite.

Mr. watterson: Awesome! -eats from Gumball's plate-

-next morning-

Darwin: Gumball, I see her walking this way!

Gumball: Okay... -hypervinalates- Everything's going to be fine, everything is going to be fine...

-knock at the door, Mrs. Watterson answers-

Penny: Hi, Mrs. Watterson.

Mrs. Watterson: Oh; hi, sweetie! Well, as much as I'd like to stay here and chat, I'm going to be late for my conference. -dashes to Gumball, Darwin and Anais, kisses on head and runs out-

Gumball: H-Hi, Penny!

Penny: Hey, Gumball.

Gumball: S-so, how are are you?

Penny: Fine.

Anais: -sighs-

Penny: -steps backwards- Anais?! Well, hi?

Anais: I'm going to read, love-birds. Come on, Darwin.

Darwin: -skips up stairs with Anais.

Gumball: Well, there's my dad.

Penny: We already met. Man, he just sits there like a log?

Gumball: Pretty much.

Mr. Watterson: Oh; you must be the babysitter! I'm Dad!

Penny: Uh... good to meet you, Dad.

Penny: -turns to Gumball- Remember what we agreed on, right? Just like daycare: treat me like any other dude!

Gumball: -shyly- Okay. Let me go get Darwin.

[for this next part, Darwin told me all about it.]

Darwin: Oh, hi Gumball!

Gumball: Darwin, I need your help!

Darwin: What do you need?

Gumball: Cool dude stuff!!! On chat, I agreed to treat Penny like a dude! -turns red.

Anais: WHAT?!?! You're treating Penny like a dude? Some nit-witted girl like her would never learn your stupidity!

Darwin: Well; we could start with dodge or dare!

Gumball: -uncertainly- Okay.

Penny: -stares into closet with tons of love letters adressed to her- Peculiar... -hears Gumball and Darwin, shuts door-

Darwin: One of our favorite games is dodge or dare!

Penny: Cool! Let's play, dudes!

-in yard-

Gumball and Darwin: DODGE OR DARE!!!

Darwin: I'll demonstrate! -rolls a six, picks a card, reads- "Launch a rocket into the air using only stuff from your backpack!

Penny: Okay. -runs with paper plane and a portable fan, turns on and paper plane flies around.

Darwin: Pretty good for a starter! Now... -takes another card- "Break the fence!"

Penny: Breaking the fence is not allowed- accidentally charges into fence with antlers and breaks it-

Darwin: Cool! Now... -takes card- Fix the fence!

Penny: -Takes out hammer and fixes-

Gumball: My turn! -rolls dice- four! -takes card out- "Throw a bowling ball at nearest girl's head... -glances at Penny- Oh how did THAT get in there? -takes another- "Toss a mud bomb into Miss Simian's lunch. Well, I don't know where that it is.

Penny: I do; we should prank her!

Gumball: What?! You pull pranks?!

Penny: -excitedly- YEAH!!! What did you think, girls weren't hardcore?

Gumball: What?! er, no!

-10 minutes lates appears-

Penny, Gumball and Darwin come back into fence, laughing-

Gumball: Oh man, that was a hilarious idea, Penny!

Penny: I know, rigth? And it just costed three month's worth of my allowance to avoid detention! Wow, that was funny...

Gumball: Yeah...

Darwin: Oh! I need to go... do something. -runs away, leaving Penny and Gumball alone-

Penny: Ohh... -looks around nervously-

Gumball: -laughs nervously-

Penny: So... should we do this thing?

Gumball: -nods, puckers up and leans closer to Penny-

Darwin: Guys, I got the cabbage! Wait... what are you doing?

Penny: Nothing, Darwin. Why do we need cabbage?

Darwin: To play Cabbage Ball!

Penny: -uncertainly- Cabbage ball? Well, I'd love to, but I need to check on Anais and Mr. Watterson. -walks away-

The rest: TBA