The aurora's house

The Aurora's house

The Aurora's house is a 1 story, 1 bathroom house

Living roomEdit

The aurora's livingroom

The Aurora's living room

This modern/classy living room is complete with 1 chair, a tv, a cabinet, and decorations. This is one classy/modern living room.


Corra's roomEdit

Corra's room

Corra's room

Corra's bedroom is very modern and cute. Complete with a chair, a bed, a bench and many other things, this bedroom is a masterpiece.

David and Bea's roomEdit

David and Bea's room

David and Bea's room

This cozy room just has a little country look. Complete with 2 lamps, a bed, a droor, and many other e.t.c., this room is a cozy country room.


The aurora's kitchen

The Aurora's kitchen

This small little kitchen looks like something you would put together from IKEA. It looks like a normal kitchen with an IKEA twist.

Dining roomEdit

The aurora's diningroom

The Aurora's dining room.

This cute little dining room is just so adorable. [ more chairs are seen when the Eve's are over.]


The aurora's bathroom

The Aurora's bathroom

This normal looking bathroom is not something to be proud of but with blue it's really cute.


The aurora's hallway

the Aurora's hallway.

This normal looking hallway isn't something to be proud of either . This hall leads to the entrance,the backyard, and the bedrooms.

The aurora's garage

The Aurora's garage


This is a simple garage is also nothing to be proud of but it holds a lot.


The aurora's backyard

The Aurora's backyard

This simple backyard is simple but cute.