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While some contributors are helpful in the growth and development of this wiki, users that cause disruption to this site may qualify to be blocked. If you see any policy violations or disruption in anyway, please submit them on this page. An admin may block or warn the user depending on severity.


A block or a ban is a measure used by admins and bureaucrats of the administration to prevent users from editing a wiki. Blocks can be administered to users that violate our rules or cause disruption an incivility of this wiki. Common block reasons include:

  • Vandalism
    • Inserting nonsense into pages.
    • Blanking removing content from pages.
    • Excessive editing of closed fanons that are not yours and without permission.
  • Spam
    • Typing repetitive words or phrases.
    • Advertising external links to persuade or encourage users to visit a site.
      • You can post a link of your wiki, but not on a repetitive or advertisive scale.
  • Trolling
    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Causing arguments
    • Insults and calling people names
  • Unacceptable user name
    • Names that contain profanity, names of sexual body parts, or reference to sexuality or violence.

Please refrain from those behaviours above if you don't want to get banned.


  • Don't lie or tattle-tale. All reports must be honest. If you send us a false report, you will be warned the first time. If done multiple times, you may perhaps be banned.


Submit reports here

Forgiveness reports

Appeal blocks here