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Here are the list of users with special privileges that have certain access to the site and it's features. If you or another user qualify for user rights, submit their names here. Once you earn your rights, please read the administration guidelines before getting started.

  • Active users are in bold


Bureaucrats are admins that manage all user rights. They can promote and demote chat moderators, rollbacks and admins, but once they add bureaucrat rights to another user, they can't revoke them. Thus they need help from Staff or Wikia Utilities to revoke bureaucrat rights. There the ones that both make and enforce the policies. The bureaucrats of this wiki are:


Administrators, admins, system operators or sysops are users of this wiki that has the ability to block users, delete and protect pages. They can also undo these and they also manage the wiki's features, themes, MediaWiki pages, coding and have both chat moderator and rollback rights. And, they can grant or revoke only chat moderator rights. They are the one who enforce the policies, but don't make them. The admins of this wiki are:

Chat moderators

Chat moderators, chat mods, moderators or simply mods are users that can manage blocks and unblocks in chat. While admins have chat moderator rights, not all chat moderators are admins, and don't have the ability to block users from the rest of the site. There are no chat moderators on this site yet.


Rollbacks are users that can clean up and revert edits except for the ones made by the author of the page automatically. Again, even though admins have rollback rights, not all rollbacks are admins. They are no rollbacks on this site yet.