The Amazing World of Gumball - The Amazing Moivie is a movie based off The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball: Ah, nothing like a normal day to spend...

(Anais enters the room)

Anais: Gumball, no day is a normal day for us. There's always mutant 8-bit spiders, our next-door neighbors, our MOM and crazy cyclops robots! And trust me, I made a list.

(Gumball sees that the list is tiny print, with five different papers glued and taped together)

Darwin: Well?

Gumball: Then we just have to wait until something happens.

(Gumball takes out a book and reads it)

Gumball: Huh? "There was once an evil vortex that engulfed the regular sun, two dimensions were mixed, but then it went back up, the dimensions were back to normal, but the next time it happens it will be tragic, as it is rare to ever find your way back. If it happens you'll find yourself in a world with normal things, no space aliens, no 8-bit spiders, just average people with their jobs, and with kids and houses. There will still be robberies but trust us, it will be good."...Creepy.


(Nicole opens the door)

????: Hello, there.

Nicole: You must be the new neighbor! Come in! Who are you, again?

????: I AM KRADOS!

Nicole: Yes, erm... Krados...

Krados: No, in caps lock, say it with me now, KRADOS!

(bricks shatter to the ground)

Nicole: I'll clean up the fourth wall...

(Gumball reads another book)

Gumball: "Once upon a time, there was a hero named Zayblix. Zayblix loved the attention, but one time he made one slip-up, and caused the dimensions to switch. People now hate him, and Zayblix was forced out of the city. Zayblix wanted revenge. The end."