Please note that this episode/special/movie is a fan fiction and is not accepted into the real TV Show.

Chapter 1: Gumball Finds The DarknessEdit

Narrator: Welcome to Elmore...

(Sun smiles)

Narrator: The sun's smiling...

(Cuts to robber stealing a car)

Robber: Oh. Umm... I was just... Stealing it (sad face)

Narrator: Excellent neighbors...

Gumball: Hi, Mr. Robinson!

Mr. Robinson: GET OFF MAH LAWN!

Gumball: Ah, ok. I'm gonna watch my TV.

Darwin: Gumball, What do you think about this painting I made?

Gumball: Why do I have fins?

Darwin: Your me!

Gumball: Sweet.

Darwin: Now, what's on TV?

Gumball: Monster Trucks.

Darwin: You should be excited! C'mon, buddy!

Gumball: I don't feel like it.

Nicole: Is Gumball in that state again when Mr. Robinson won't pay attention to him?

Gumball: What do you think?

Richard: I think that I need a nap.

(U.F.O. comes and breaks the roof of the house)

Gumball: What the what?!

Darwin: Quickly! Hide in the closet!

Gumball: Dad's cape!

Darwin: That won't do anything!

Nicole: Gumball! Darwin! Run! I'll be with Anias and your Dad!

Darwin: No.

Gumball: No.

Together: We're going to defeat it!

(U.F.O. abducts Nicole and Richard)

Gumball: Mom!

Darwin: Dad!

Anias: Mom! Dad!

Gumball: Abduct us too! We'd rather get abducted then stay here!

Anias: We might be able to find out who the alien is!

(U.F.O. abducts Gumball and Darwin and Anias)

Anias: Mom!

Nicole: Honey! No!

Gumball: Wahhh! (breaks the tube because he was abducted faster then usual)

Darwin: Help! Gumball! Let us out!

Gumball: Mom! Remember that wedding video?

Nicole: RAHHHHHHH! (breaks the tubes)

Darwin: Quickly! Go check out the alien!

All: Kenneth!?

Chapter 2: Revealed to the WattersonsEdit

Darwin: Kenneth!

Kenneth: Soh, hee.

Gumball: I think he's saying something!

Anias: He's sorry!

Gumball: Kenneth! Tell us why your doing this!

Kenneth: Ell, ky boss Org.

Anias: Your boss is a mutant named Lord Zorgu?