The amazing world

These are the official characters in the show

The Amazing World is a tv show by Elizabeth Schubert. It is about classmates in the 6th-7th grade classroom at Edwards Middle school who go on adventures.

Main CharactersEdit

Andy Miller- A 12-year old black beagle with a blue shirt and blue jeans. He likes to be with his friends and has a small crush on Alexis.

Alexis Long- A 12-year old white and black cat with yellow eyes, a light orange shirt with a heart on it, and light purple pants. She likes to hang out with her friends and has a small crush on Andy.

Logan Ryans- A 12-year old light yellow and brown cat with a L4D shirt and blue pants. He likes to go on many adventures and hang out with his friends.

Patrico Nelson- A 12-year old black chihuahua with a purpleish-blue pokeball shirt and blue pants. He likes to joke with his friends and go on adventures.

Sam Brownton- A 12-year old brown and light greyish brown cat with a black shirt with yellow shorts. He likes to go on adventures with Logan and Andy.

Cori Andrews- A 12-year old light brown and pink fox with a purple shirt with a pink doxin on it and a light purple skirt. She likes to talk and hang out with friends. She also sometimes likes to do pranks on Patrico.

Noah Somethingberg-A 11-year old light pink monkey fish with a light orange shirt and light brown pants. He likes to follow Logan around to learn about life. He also watches people and watches what they do and he writes them down in his notepad.

Bryan Jones- A 12-year-old white tiger with blue stripes with a green shirt and dark brown pants. He dosen't like to go on adventures like everybody else in his class. He also likes to stay with his sister, May.

May Jones- A 11-year old white tiger with purple stripes with a yellow shirt and blue pants. She kind of gets annoyed when her older brother follows her around. She is very nice and fair and a good student and likes to play jump-rope with Kylie.

Kylie Adams- A 11-year old light blue cat with a pink shirt with a dark purple skirt with black sneakers. She is very nice and kind. She likes to play jump-rope with May. She also likes to bake.

Minnie Grove- A 12-year old pink flower cat from Tokyo with a short pink dress and a yellowish-green leaf coming out of her head. She likes to be friends with Cori and plant plants and enjoy nature.

Arthur Berry- A 12-year old pink and white berry cat with a red berry on its head, green eyes, a green and pink shirt, and pink pants. He likes any food except berries, suprizingly, and really only likes a rare kind of berry. He is nice and very good at pikmin.

Sabastian Thief- A 12-year old light blue and white racoon with a dark blue mask, pants, and cape. He steals many things, mostly food, and puts them in his bag. He is very sneaky and unreliable and his only friend is Barry.

Barry Bear- A 12-year old brown and light brown bear. He is nice and the silent one in the class. He is very good at video games and owns many systems.

Sylvester Dawn- A 12-year old light brown short-tailed wolf with a white hoodie and dark brown pants. He is taller than everyone in his class. He is kind of a bully but is kind of nice, too. He is also is kind of emotional.