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Salvador Longquin
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Sal
Salvador (by Penny)
Species: Rabbit-fairy hybrid
Age: 11
Friends: Georgie (one sided on her side)
Enemies: Most of the students of Elmore Junior High
Relatives: Sebastian Longquin (father)
Penny (mother; deceased)
Georgie (half-sister)
Occupation: Student
Heir of the Longquin Manor

Salvador Longquin, also known as Sally or Sal is the triagonist and semi-antagonist of The Amazing World of Georgie. Son of known banker Sebastian Longquin, Sally is a uptight and snobbish jerk who believes the entire world is entitled to him. Georgie senses something within him and wants to show him he doesn't have to be a spoiled brat and to make actual friends. Unbeknownst to her, his personality is actually more of a façade, as he is actually emotional, sensitive, clingy and scared due to the loss of his mother whom he had never met.


Salvador Longquin is the only son of Sebastian Longquin and the late Penny Fitzgerald. Sebastian never really told his child about the whereabouts of his mother, simply telling her she "left". Despite the fact many maids played a mother figure more or less, he still misses his real mom.
Sal has had a fairly pleasant, upper-class childhood. Everybody in the manor made sure to fulfill his desires, contributing to his ungrateful, bratty behavior. He used to attend a private school during grade school, but had to be transferred to Elmore Junior High after a budget cut.


Sally is a grayish-purple jackalope/wolpertinger-fairy with neat golden yellow hair fading to a peachy color, burgundy-magenta eyes, a teeth gap and freckles. He is usually seen wearing a white shirt tucked inside his gray jeans, with a green plaid tie. He has transparent, purple pixie-like wings.




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