The Amazing World of Gumball: Featuring Jared

  • At Elmore Junior High School, Miss Simian's Classroom*

Miss Simian: "Hello class!"

Class: "Good morning Miss Simian!"

Miss Simian: "You may have noticed something different about the class!"

Class: *Looks around* "Uhhhh no"

Miss Simian: "Are you sure? ......... Nothing yellow and huge here?"

Jared: "Ummm, I'm right here"

Miss Simian: "Thank You Jared!"

Jared: *Talking to Gumball* "She ain't that nice, isn't she?"

Gumball: "Nope, she gets mad a LOT! Plus, WHAT ARE YOU?"

Jared: "I am a Chailcothere."