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Welcome to The Amazing World of Gumball Fanon Wiki! This wiki is created by fans like you. Here you can post spin-off or ideas for future episodes or series. So create your own amazing shows and have fun!

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  • No vandalism. No removing content from pages or inserting nonsense for the integrity of the site.
  • No spam. No unofficial advertising links on pages, blogs or forms and repetitive words/phrases.It is unnecessary
  • No use of uncensored profane language for the integrity of younger contributors. Sensor it so that only the first letter of the word is censored (s***) or use a mild euphemism (crap) instead.
  • No sexual or violence-themed fanon articles, again for the children.
  • No fanon articles of other series. The scope of this wiki are fanon based on The Amazing World of Gumball only.
  • No plagiarism from Wikipedia, Gumball Wiki or other fanon site as this is consider stealing. Use your own writing or ask another user if you need help.
  • No trolling, bullying harassment or personal attacks. Please treat others with respect and sympathy, and be nice.


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