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Lexi is Kayla's older sister, Jason's younger sister, the same age as Matt (twins) and the middle child. She is


also the main character in "The Smith-Andrews".


She is a 12 years old light purple cat with middle-sized blond in degradee hair and wears red flats, light blue leggings with a pink shirt with, long, white sleeves and a blue skirt.


She likes math and Matt. She tries to divorce her parents, Fiona and Benson, because she is the only person who see that Benson killed Rex (her real dad), and she tries to make this for fear that Benson would kill her mom. She has the qualities of a detective, and read thriller books written by Mathilde Forrestdump. The only thing to calm Lexi down when she is mad is to put on her favorite movie, Tangled, and bring her a strawberry-chocalate milkshake because she can get very mad. One of her 100.000 friends is Carrie Louise.