Janken Fitzgerald
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Janken
Species: Peanut
Age: Unknown
Friends: Reaper
Penny Fitzgerald
Enemies: Darwin Watterson
Gumball Watterson
Relatives: Penny (cousin)
Mr. Fitzgerald (uncle)
Mrs. Fitzgerald (aunt)
Penny's sister (cousin)
Leslie (cousin)
Voice: Itsuki Nakamoto

Janken He is cousin of Penny Fitzgerald. He is a lot like Reaper he loves to fight but cause of his antlers or horns he tends to injure them when they are just playing around. Because of this problem he is wanted by the cops so he was forced into hidding. Somehow he can contact Reaper and tell him where to meet.


He looks like penny but his antlers are sharpened do to fights. he put broken knifes on his antlers sides to make him look more deadlier. He has tattoos on his face and feet (there is writting on his shoes). If he catches you reading them he will go after you. He has a tattoo of swords on the bottom right of his shell. He has a small crack in his shell do to a guy sneaking up behind him with a bat.


He is very nice fellow but has a bit of angry issues.



He is very best friends with him cause they have been together since they were born.


He is a cousin but very rarely vist's her and her family.


although he won't admit it directly, he loves Tina.