Fiona is a blue cat, the same age as Nicole (37).


She wears a light purple shirt with a tie and a short blue skirt.

Early lifeEdit

Before marrying Benson, Fiona has been married once, with Rex Lamont. Together with him, she had the first children, Jason and the twins Matt and Lexi. Rex died stabbed in a bar when Matt and Lexi were just babies. Fiona was unable to forget the tragedy, but one day, Azul showed a young man named Benson, who was Rex's killer, but they did not know that. Soon, Fiona and Benson were married and they have a little girl, Kayla. Sometimes at night, Benson turns his knife to Fiona, but was interrupted by Lexi.


She is not so stressed or busy at the Rainbow factory. She works right next to Nicole. Her and Nicole are friends, just like their kids are friends. She also has another friend named Azul Meneñe. Fiona likes watching re-runs of Oprah. Her husband, Benson, loves her very much, although deep down, he wants to kill her, which scare Lexi. Sometimes she tells Lexi that he's not bad, but she doesn't know that her daughter has, had and will have the right, no matter how much Fiona deny it. Nicole says she has a life thats is weirder than her. Still likes her life no matter what.