Evil GumballEdit

He looks exactly like Gumball but he wears the Helmet from The Helmet, episode. And is green with Jealousy. His first appearance was The Revenge, he was made by Emma. He is 12 years old and has powers like most evils would.

Evil DarwinEdit

Exactly like Darwin but meaner, bleaker and slightly eviller. Age of 11, he is a video game character from The Words, his first appearance was The Revenge. Also made by Emma

Evil StephanieEdit

Stephanie is my own character, but she never did anything wrong so like all evils who didn't do anything wrong, she has red eyes (no pupils) and is glowing red but she doesn't have any colours in her, only black and white. Her love interest is Evil Gumball and Gumball.

BONUS, Evil HollyEdit

They are all the same except personality and appearance, just like Evil Stephanie, she is black and white and has red eayes, no pupil. And glowing red shading.


I don't have pictures because I don't know how to do stuff like that. But, I hope you like my characters!