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Bobert is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a high-tech robot that goes to Elmore


Junior High, and is by far the smartest student in the school besides The Eggheads and Anais.


Bobert is a sleek, white robot with clamps for hands and a speaker for a mouth, which glows when he talks and has a specific color depending on his "emotions". On his left "ear", there is a button that clears his memory and reboots him. In the middle of his head is a large, blue eye, which can record audio and video.

Bobert is also capable of transforming into a huge mecha-like "defensive" mode, which somewhat resembles a bipedal washing machine. In this mode, Bobert's little arms transform into huge missle launchers. In addition, Bobert also grows rocket launchers out of his shoulders. His short, stubby little legs also change shape, they grow a protective casing which makes them appear to be much bulkier.


Bobert, being a robot, has difficulties processing human emotions and necessities. He is highly analytical, and calculates all that he observes into a mathematical formula of some sort. Despite this, Bobert is known to occasionally envy his organic classmates, and on at least one occasion he attempted to become a real boy, which in turn developed into him trying to steal Gumball's identity.

Since Bobert has such a scientific outlook on the world, he is one of the most intelligent students at Elmore Junior High, and is undoubtedly the smartest in Miss Simian's class. As a result of him being so unemotional and intelligent, Bobert is almost unfairly called a nerd by his classmates and is a member of The Reject Club along with The Eggheads and Ocho.