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AquaTerra7 AquaTerra7 20 January 2016


Hey there! My name is Terra

but you can call me CJ

Anyways here are some of the Cartoons I watch:

1: The Amazing World Of Gumball

2: We Bare Bears

3: Gravity Falls

4: Rick and Morty

5: Over The Garden Wall

6: Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil (Sometimes)

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Ismael777 Ismael777 27 February 2014

Anyone here?

Hello, I'm just wondering... Are there any users here? The last one was RainbowCupcakes, but I haven't seen her. Anyone here?

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Ismael777 Ismael777 8 February 2014

I'm adopting this wiki.

Hello guys. I have adopted this wiki. So, no breaking the rules, or you will be blocked.

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