Benson is a pink bunny that is the same age as Richard (37).


Benson is a little bit skinner than Richard. He wears a black, long sleeved shirt with a Rainbow button on his shirt and blue jeans. 

A berries on Benson-Early lifeEdit

Benson was a normal boy, until his move to Austin, Texas in Elmore (15 years). There he found his first love of life, Vanessa. Everything was good the first few months, but being seen with another boy, Benson killed her and her new boyfriend. Then, he realized he must kill to take his existence. Five years later, he stabbed Rex, then fled. He was never caught by police. After another five years, met with the widow of the slain, Fiona, and the two fell in love instantly. Soon, Fiona and Benson were married and they have a little girl, Kayla. Sometimes at night, Benson turns his knife to Fiona, but was interrupted by Lexi.


He is friends with Richard because he is forgetful and can be easily fooled. Benson is also really, very. very smarter than Richard. Benson also has his own money. He also isn't as lazy as Richard. He likes to play video games and watch movie on his PSP. He also likes to watch cop and wrestling shows and Alligators on a train. Richard also likes to play superhero with he to make him feel like he's normal.