This is The Movie of The Amazing world of gumball this is not an episode but an movie and theres no season Required


The Mayor lost all his Stuff and Gumball and Darwin and Anais is gonna find it back but Anna barbara the new principal stole it and toke it to the Anthoter town and he escapes from Elmore


[Episode Starts in Elmore Jr High]

News Reporters with microphone and camera are here theyre at principal brown

Principal Brown:Penny Got Trapped we have to do something

The Watterson car Richard is driving and Gumball is stepping out from the back of the car with an sunglasses

Gumball:i Will Save her!

Penny in Class:Heeeelp!!!!

Gumball is turning the key in and saved penny

Penny:My Hero!

Penny and Gumball almost kissed but the alarm rings and its just an dream

[In Gumball's Room]

Gumball:Lets go! Principal brown goes with pension! No School Anymore!!!

[Outside Elmore Jr High]

Principal Brown:Guys the pension is.... aproved!

Gumball and Darwin:[Jumping after the public] Yaaaaay!

Principal Brown:No we must always go to school


 Nigel Brown:Because we have an new Principal!

An Pen Girl is comming with nerd glasses shes called Anna Barbara

Principal Barbara:Hahahaha.....


Gumball Whispers:Darwin that Principal is angry then Nigel

Darwin Whispers:Okay lets wait Tomorrow

[Barbara House]

Principal Barbara:Hahahahhaha i gonna be evil steal Mayor's Stuff then leave the town then say Nigel Was it

[At The Town Hall]

Mayor:Ok its time to sleep ok guards ur shift is over

Guard:Yes Sir

Principal Barbara steals all the stuff of the Mayor

[Tomorrow in Town Hall]


Donut Sherrif:No Problem we will arrest the Thief

Mayor:Or i can freeze someone with my freeze ray!

[Elmore Jr High]

Nigel and Principal Barbara have an deal

Principal barbara walks to the playyard

Mayor is comming

Mayor:So u Stole my stuff!

Nigel:No i didnt

Principal Barbara in Recorder:Yes i saw that Nigel Stole the stuff! He was Crazy!

Principal barbara escapes now to anthoter town

Mayor:ill do what Anthoter instead Ban you!

The Mayor Freezes Nigel

Gumball:[Whisper] Barbara stole it

Darwin:[Whisper] Ur Right!

[To Be Contuined]


  • This is The First movie
  • This Part is the reffrence of SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie