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• 8/21/2017

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• 3/30/2017


I'm planning to adopt this wiki. If you have any objections, leave a reply below.
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• 5/26/2015


I just though about something: I think we should make transcripts for these fan-made episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball. It's gonna take a long time, but I think it would be cool. What do you guys think?
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• 3/20/2014

We need more contributors

Me and RainbowCupcakes, the only active admins here, are the only contributors. But in order to put this wiki under success, we need more users. Who's with me?
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• 3/14/2014

Your new admin/bureaucrat

I am the new admin and bureaucrat here. If you need help or want user privileges, you can reply here or write to my talk page. About this wiki, this is the first Fanon wiki of the show, The Amazing World of Gumball, about a blue cat with his siblings in home and in school with his mischiefs and stuff, only it is changed and it's based of imaginary spinoffs and episodes that aren't officially real. So the founder and the former adopter, Liz S. has left the wiki so I took over here. The last active user was Rainbow Cupcakes, but she was't here for a month now, but I gave her admin rights. Feel free to contact me!
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